Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Home Fix-it Divas

Summer is a great time to take care of those home maintenance items that we often overlook. Here’s a general home maintenance checklist from the experts at Home Fix-It Divas to keep your home in good shape this season:

#1 Inspect Your Home Exterior
The exterior of your home plays a significant role in its curb appeal and potential selling value. It should always be clean and in excellent condition—here is how to ensure that happens:

  • Power wash siding or brick. The process eliminates any dust, dirt, bird droppings, and pollutants.
  • Repair and repaint any chipped, cracked, or faded paint or siding. You will protect your house’s exterior from the elements.
  • Clean downspouts and gutters. It will eliminate leaves and debris from high winds and summer storms. Make sure none of them are cracked and leaking.
  • Wash windows. Clean panes let in more natural light and help you see the outside clearly.
  • Inspect the foundation. Look out for cracks or leaks that may bring in groundwater, leading to flooding.
  • Replace any rotting soffits or fascia boards. Keep your exterior looking good and protecting the inside of your home from the elements.

#2 Inspect Your House Interior
General home maintenance needs inside the home include essential tasks such as
  • Re-caulking seals on doors and windows. It improves your home’s energy efficiency and lowers utility bills.
  • Clean and unclog filters and ducts. These tasks might include cleaning out clogged lint and dust in the dryer vent or cleaning the exhaust duct to minimize the risk of house fires.

#3 Check Your Air Conditioning System
Regular maintenance extends the life of your air conditioning system and may reduce the need for frequent and costly repairs. If you have window systems, clean the air filters often.

#4 Prepare the Deck
Check your deck or porch for damaged or rotting boards and rails. Keep your outdoor rec area safe by replacing any bad boards. Also, are you preparing for summer barbeques? Cleaning the grill is a critical step to reduce risk of fire.
  • Charcoal Grill: Empty it, wipe away all dust and residue, and then clean it using hot water, dish soap, and a sponge or scrub brush. Scrub the exterior and interior of the grill and allow it to dry before lighting another fire.
  • Gas grill: Close the lid, set it to a high temperature, and leave it to cook for about thirty minutes. Leave the grill to cool before sweeping it with a grill brush. Use a sponge and cleaner to wipe the exterior, and be sure to clean all the drip trays.

#5 Build or Repair the Fence

If your fence needs some attention, fix damaged areas of your existing fence and refinish these pieces accordingly. If you decide to build a new fence instead or need help with repairs, you may want to consider calling home repair professionals about the numerous options available. Professionals will help you plan the fence to comply with local codes and not encroach on neighboring or city properties, and can make installation quick and affordable.

Need to Make Repairs?

Our general home maintenance checklist will help keep your home comfortable and in excellent condition this summer. If you need to fix any issues, contact our home repair professionals at Home Fix-it Divas. Call us today at 770-367-1818 to schedule an appointment.