How to Repair Cracked Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl siding is usually quite sturdy and can stand up to weather and time. However, certain factors such as hailstorms or even sports balls landing on it every now and then can indeed weaken its foundation and bring about dents and cracks. We do know that it can be difficult to repair cracked vinyl siding. The smaller issues can be taken care of using vinyl caulk, but the bigger problems often need to be removed and fixed with a patch. At times the whole vinyl panel could be damaged.

You might wonder if there are ways fix vinyl siding without having to shell out hundreds of dollars. Well, you’re in luck if you can do it yourself. If you think it can’t be done as a DIY project, then you’re wrong, because we at Home Fix-It Divas know that several issues around the house can be fixed if you try your hand at it. If you see cracks in your vinyl siding, you can reach out to us to receive all the professional advice you require to take care of the situation yourself.

Ways to Fix Cracked Vinyl Siding

There are a couple of ways we’d suggest that work best while trying to repair a cracked vinyl siding, namely with caulk and a patch. Let us take a look at both these ways and how they can be carried out as a DIY project.

With caulk
If the cracks on your vinyl siding are small, they can be fixed with a matching caulk, which is quite an easy and affordable method. In case it’s not possible for you to find caulk that matches your vinyl siding, you can choose to go for white caulk and then get some matching paint in order to cover up the area.

Start off with a sponge, soap, and water to clean the area that has been damaged and let it dry completely for at least two hours. Next, cut off the tip of the caulk tube and use a nail or a pin to puncture the seal. Pull the plunger of the caulk gun all the way back and then load up the tube. Insert the nozzle of the tube over the siding’s hole and fill it up with caulk. Let it dry for 24 hours and scrape away any excess caulk that remains.

With a patch
If the crack is your vinyl siding is too big to be filled with caulk, covering it up with a patch of the same color is the next best alternative. The first thing to do in this method, too, is to use soap and water to clean the area and let it dry in the sun for at least two hours. Use a scrap piece of siding to cut a section that’s slightly bigger than the crack. Cut the uppermost edge of this piece as well as the bottom edge of the scrap vinyl to fit snugly into the area.

After this, place the patch in a manner such that the curves of the patch match the curves of the siding. Apply a little bit of caulk on the back of the patch as well as the area surrounding the hole. Place the patch on the crack and secure it, making sure that the pieces stick together. After the caulk dries up, clean the surrounding area and wipe away the excess caulk.