How to Pressure Wash a House

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Everyone wants their home to look beautiful. Learning how to pressure wash houses is an easy way to gain a skill that could help you keep your house looking beautiful for years to come.

It’s recommended that you pressure wash your house every few years. A good pressure wash can change an unattractive, dirty home into a clean, attractive one. It makes the exterior of your home beautiful. Special techniques are used to do this properly to ensure you don’t damage the exterior of your home. If you’re not an expert or don’t perform pressure washing often, it’s recommended that you hire professional pressure washing services from a reputable house company such as Home Fix-It Divas.

If you are going to tackle it yourself, some strict guidelines have to be followed to do a good and safe job.

Pressure washers use a high-pressure water spray according to specific material. The power of water measures pounds per inch (psi). For painted wood siding and aluminum siding, the best power is 1200 to 1500 psi. This pressure is not recommended on hardboard & other material that could easily break with the pressure of water.

These are a few instructions that we advise you to follow when preparing to pressure wash a house:

  • Always wear eye protection equipment. It protects you from dust and other material during working.
  • Avoid ladders while pressure washing because the kickback of the maximum pressure of water can cause you to lose control and you may fall.
  • Be aware of power lines that are above the ground level. Be very careful about this because it can be dangerous if a line breaks or gets damaged due to the water pressure.
  • Water and electricity should not be mixed. It’s recommended that you turn off all electric supply to your house leaving only one outlet for the pressure washing equipment.

What other aspects go into learning how to pressure wash a house? Follow the steps below:
  • If your house is painted with lead paint, don’t power wash.
  • You need the right weather to pressure wash houses effectively. Pick a day that is not too sunny and avoid pressure washing on a windy and rainy day.
  • Protect your outside home items and the lawn with fully covered sheets. Cover your home doors and windows. It’ll ensure that they don’t get damaged or end up dirty.
  • Get your preferred detergent and follow the instructions given.
  • Mix the detergent with a specific amount of water as required.
  • Put this mixture into the spraying equipment.
  • Don’t let direct sunlight hit the detergent.
  • Let the detergent sit for 5-10 minutes minimum.
  • Work first on the damaged areas.
  • Always start spraying up into the bottom perpendicular to the siding. Avoid doing it horizontally.
  • Always use the correct materials and attachments for the jobs. Avoid using non-suitable materials.

Advantages of knowing how to pressure wash a house
  • It’s cheap and affordable compared to other cleaning options. It’s recommended that you pressure wash your house every two years or so.
  • It increases your property value, maintains your home, and maximizes your property value.
  • It protects your house from cobwebs and spiders. Pressure washing can help deal with dirt, grime, and insect infestation.

These tips should help you learn the basics of how to pressure wash houses!

Everyone wants their home looking fresh and clean. However, pressure washing houses without experience can do more harm than good. If you’re not sure how to go about pressure washing your home, reach out to the Home Fix-It Divas! We offer a ton of great house-fixing services. Visit our website or give us a call at 770-367-1818!