How to Take Care of Your Fence

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A house without a fence may feel like you’re out in the open!

Beyond aesthetics, fences provide protection and a sense of warmth to your home and property.

Have you wondered how to properly protect your fence from rotting and other issues? The type of care greatly depends on the type of fence you have.

There are some practical tips on how to care for your fence with zero stress. The things to always do and the things to never do.

Sounds interesting? Read on!

Be observant
Keeping your fence in top shape requires an eye for detail. You should notice any signs of rotting, cracks, peeling, or accumulation of mold.

Attend to any of these swiftly.

Coat with a suitable stain
It is common for homeowners to do this. Staining your fence will keep undesired moisture at bay. In choosing a stain, go for a shade that fits your existing color scheme and make sure it offers the kind of protection suited to your needs. A moisture-resistant stain is a great way to keep your wooden fence looking great.

In the application process, a paint roller works great, but you may combine this with a bristle brush for neater results. Let this dry for at least 24 hours. [1]

Clean it like you mean it
Get rid of all forms of dirt that fall on the fence, whether natural or human litter.

No matter the kind of fence you have, clean fences have more visual appeal. You will also keep out the unwanted moisture that can cause wooden fences to rot.

Water and plain soap work great for aluminum and vinyl fences. Wood may require a cleaning solution.

Consider resealing
Many homeowners don't remember to reseal their fences. Sealing is one of the most important things to do to a wooden fence.

Before the sealant is applied, you must clean the fence thoroughly. Dirt can obstruct the sealant. You should consider sealing your wood fence every six months, and especially after the application of paint.

Keep the mildew away
Check over your fence regularly to help you pick up budding mildew or mold.

You may need to wash the fence with water, soap, and a mildew cleaner. Don't leave any traces of soap or cleaner behind.

Watering is for flowers
This tip applies largely to wooden fences. Ever wondered why your fence gets rotten easily? Water from sprinklers can be largely at fault.

Homeowners are advised to keep sprinklers from constantly wetting the fence to avoid discoloration and rot. [2]

Work with color
Painting your fence works for both aesthetics. This also works to make it last longer. However, stains are thought to be superior in this regard.

Call the experts
Is your fence in need of more than do-it-yourself techniques? Do you need more extensive repairs by professionals?

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