Essential Tools to Keep in Your Home

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It is important for every homeowner or renter to keep basic tools in their home that will come in handy for a variety of daily tasks that will pop up. While it is recommended to call in professionals when you need the help, making sure you are stocked up on the essentials will not only make your household run more smoothly but can be a major help when you run into a sticky situation that requires immediate attention. We’re here to make sure you are prepared for any situation with your own kit of much needed household tools.

How to Put Together a Toolbox
While it is easy to toss everything into a spare drawer, having a designated toolbox is ideal for storing your supplies. Not only does it make it easy to grab and go for projects that require multiple tools or that require some short travel, but it also makes it safer for you to not have pointy tips or heavy tools sitting in a fragile plastic bag.

Before you go shopping, create a goals sheet of what you expect to use tools for. If you’re only wanting to use it for hanging pictures, you won’t need an extensive or professional-grade set. Finally make sure to get a box that is slightly larger than you think you’ll need. Tools can pile up and you’ll end up filling it later on.

Things to Add to Your Toolbox
Screwdriver Set
You can buy a screwdriver set that will ensure you have all the sizes and shapes but for those looking to keep it simple, make sure you have at least one Philips head and one flat head screwdriver.

A hammer is good for putting nails in and taking them out. This is a tool that can handle a variety of jobs around the house and will come in handy when you least expect it.

Tape Measure
You never want to run into a situation where what you’ve bought is significantly larger or smaller than expected. A self-retracting tape measure is portable and makes your life a lot easier.

Different types of wrenches serve their own unique purposes. If you are just starting out, go with an Allen wrench and an adjustable wrench which you can change the size of depending on what you’re working with.

These are great whether your lights go out or if you’re working in darker spaces. An LED light will be helpful when you need to brighten up the space quickly.

Nails and Screws
It never hurts to have extra nails and screws around to help hang things, build things, or replace missing pieces. Keeping extras in your box keeps you from running to the store every time.

Pliers help you grip, tighten, and loosen as well as cut. This is helpful when you’re trying to protect your hands from doing the grunt work.

Building your own toolbox can be exciting and give you a sense of independence. Don’t be worried if there’s not much in it at the start. As you learn and grow, you’ll also find your own essentials to add to it.

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