Common Toilet Problems

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Your toilet is one of the most essential and most frequently used parts of your home. As a result, it’s common for this part of the bathroom to run into problems over time. There are a few common toilet problems that can develop. Some may simply be an irritation, while others can lead to a more serious problem – such as water running all over your bathroom floor.

Here, we outline a couple of the most common problems you may run into with your toilet. We also provide an overview of the best fixes that can be used for each of these toilet problems.

Phantom Flushes
Have you ever heard the toilet start to refill suddenly without flushing? This is something that plumbers will often refer to as "phantom flushes." The term refers to a trickling of water into your toilet bowl as if someone had flushed the toilet, yet it hasn’t been flushed recently.

In the case of phantom flushes, you will find that there is a leak in the toilet. Particularly, a leak developed between the tank and the toilet bowl. The leak is very slow but can still be noticed. The flapper seat may be a problem to consider here. It is a good idea to completely drain the tank and the toilet's bowl. Clean out the tank and see if there are any problems with the flapper like cracking or warping.

Slow Emptying of the Toilet Bowl
A weak flush is another common toilet problem that people face. When the flush is weak, you’ll notice it takes more time for the bowl to empty after flushing. There are small holes at the rim of the toilet bowl. These rims allow water to move from the tank to the bowl. When these are clogged, the flush of the toilet becomes weak. You can fix this issue by removing debris that has accumulated in these holes. You can use a piece of wire to poke into each of the holes to help loosen and remove the debris.

Multiple seals are found throughout your toilet’s design. If any of them loosen or becomes damaged, you will likely find that your toilet starts to leak. This is a relatively easy fix. Simply take a look at where the leak comes from. Identify the seal that is affected and see if it is damaged. Sometimes, you may only need to tighten the seal. In other cases, you may need to completely replace the seal – don’t worry, this is still a relatively straightforward process.

You can visit your local hardware store to buy a new set of seals.

While toilets are generally made from strong materials, there are certain problems that can develop. When you face toilet problems, access to this essential piece of equipment is restricted – which can quickly lead to chaos in your home. Understand what the most common problems are and know what the best approach is to fix any issue that comes up. This way, you can expect less downtime when you have a toilet problem. Reach out to Home Fix-It Divas for expert services in fixing these issues.