Attractive Kitchen-Color Combos to Try This Winter

The kitchen today is a place where family and friends gather to eat, talk, and make and share memories. Often becoming the center of home life, the kitchen is an area where you can really showcase beauty and design in your home. The kitchen should be more than just a functional space, a showroom for your style and personality. The kitchen is also the most common room to be remodeled, and an updated kitchen can add significant value to your home. If you're ready for a change in your kitchen, check out these popular kitchen-color combos and then contact a home painting service in Duluth, GA, to help you make your new vision a reality.


White with Natural Wood

If you've scrolled through Instagram or Pinterest lately, you've probably seen a number of pictures with this color combination. Even though this is a top trend, it's likely to stick around for a while and will always be a classic, beautiful look. White cabinets paired with a natural wood island or countertops to warm up your space leaves you with a kitchen looking clean, bright, and inviting without looking completely washed out or sterile. Try using a different shade of white for the walls and the cabinets to add depth. The great thing about this color combination is that you can add pops of your favorite bright colors with window treatments, colorful dishes, or other accent pieces.

Blue and Orange

If you want to break out of the white kitchen trend, blue and orange is a classic color combination that works well in the kitchen. Light blue cabinets paired with a darker blue island and orange accents throughout the kitchen can create a space that is at once calming and neutral as well as warm and eye-catching. Warm colors like red and orange stimulate the appetite.

Gray and Purple

Gray is another popular kitchen color. Gray cabinets still ground the kitchen with a neutral base but give the color scheme more depth than traditional white. Gray pairs particularly well with purple. Try adding a dark purple subway tile backsplash or purple bar stools to tie the space together. While this royal purple can feel intimidating or overwhelming in a room, paired with light grays and white, the pops of color lend a feeling of sophistication without overtaking the space.

Blue and Brown

Use blue and brown for a muted, earthy look that manage to feel clean and bright. Mixing sky blue with earth brown makes the space feel natural and open as if the sky has come right into the room. Using a very pale blue on the walls, white cabinets, and dark brown bar stools or a dark wood island can create a stunning space. This color scheme works well in modern as well as country kitchens.

Painting Kitchen

Yellow and Gray

For a classy, yet bright and lively look, pair yellow accents with gray cabinetry or walls. While gray pairs well with almost every bright color, gray and yellow are particularly appealing. Yellow brings the sunshine right into the room but if used too liberally can be off-putting. If you want to add yellow to any big pieces in your kitchen be sure you are balancing it out with plenty of light neutrals.

Black and White

You can't get much more classic than black and white. There's a reason this combo never goes out of style—it blends the perfect balance of drama and sophistication.

If you decide to do your kitchen renovation yourself, remember that unless you're skilled at home repairs, you need to hire experts to finish the project. For more information about kitchen renovations, visit www.homefixitdivas.com.